Questions about the Weapons Auction

Is there an auction along with the April show ?

NO, a Confiscated Weapons auction is only held in August

Can I bid on-line?

NO,  The Cumberland County Gun & Knife Show auction is an “in person” auction only

Is there a separate charge to attend the auction on Saturday ?

No, the auction is free with a Gun and Knife show admission

Where is the auction held ?

The auction takes place in the show barn at the Cumberland County Community Complex as part of the Gun and Knife Show.

How long does the auction last ?

The auction normally runs around two hours, but will depend on the number of items up for auction and the amount of bidding that takes place.

Does the auction take credit cards ?

Yes, the auction will take credit or debit cards but there is a service charge of 2.75% added when using a charge/debit card

Does buying a weapon at the auction require a background check ?

Yes, a background check will be run for purchases made at the auction.  The fee for the background check is $10.00

Is there a list of items in the auction posted somewhere ?

Yes, the list is posted here on this web site as soon as the confiscated items are cleared through the courts.  Items may be listed only a week or two before the show and may change at any time.


Is sales tax charged when I pay for a weapon ?

Yes, there is a 9.75% sales tax added on each purchase at the auction.

Is there a "buyers premium" like most auctions and who gets that money?

Yes, there is a 10% buyers premium on each purchase at the auction and the money goes to the Cumberland County Gun and Knife Show to support the use of the Community Complex facility by the youth of Cumberland County.

When can I see the guns in person ?

The weapons are in the possession of the Sheriffs dept. and arrive at the auction approximately one hour before the auction for viewing and inspection.

Can Individuals put guns in the auction ?

No, this is a confiscated weapons auction.  

The proceeds of the confiscated Weapons auction benefit local law enforcement projects, including education, training, and purchase of new equipment.

Can "Out of State" Individuals make purchases at the auction ?

Yes, long guns and handguns may be purchased at the auction, but you will not be able to take your purchase with you when you leave.  

Your purchase must be transported across state lines by a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) gun dealer.  The process is that you would pay for the weapon, turn it over to a Tennessee FFL dealer and that dealer would transport/ship it to your local "out of state" FFL dealer where you would pick it up.

NOTE:  A local FFL is on site who can handle this transfer for "out of state" buyers.

Can someone else make purchases at the auction for me ?

NO, to get a bidder number you must show a TN driver’s license (Photo ID) and if you have the winning bid on an item a background check will be done (the driver’s license must match the information on the background form).  

One of the questions on the background form is “are you purchasing this weapon for another person”.  If you answer YES to this question the background check will be rejected and you will not be able to purchase the weapon.

The person completing the background check is the legal owner of the weapon being purchased.