Listed here is the specific information for vendors that are seeking space outside.

If you are a Gun or Knife Vendor looking to setup outside, refer to the Vendor Information page in addition to this page.

Outside vendors are required to provide tables, chairs, display enclosure, and anything else required.  The only thing the show will provide is space to set up and electrical power if needed, at no charge.

Requests for outside space may or may not be honored based on available space.  Outside locations are assigned by the promoter based on vendor needs and space availability and cannot be changed without prior approval.  The Complex Director has the right to accept or deny Vendors based on judgment.

This is a gun & knife show.   Rain gutters, hedge trimmers, magazine subscriptions, kitchen knives/sharpeners, tobacco products, yard sale items, pots & pans, food or medicinal products of any kind, Insurance offerings, miracle kitchen knives that cut thru concrete, and etc. are NOT allowed.  Vendors with non approved items will be asked to make adjustments at the Show.

Vendors are responsible for sales tax collections and any special permits required. Vendors are also required to be open during the hours of the event, set up and take down as per designated times and will park in the spaces indicated.  

Table space cannot be transferred to another Vendor or organization without approval.

If you are requesting space as a food vendor, you must be approved and certified by the County/State Health Department.

If you have any questions, please contact Donnie Moody at the Cumberland County Community Complex at 931-250-1981 or send a message below.

All vendors must abide by the show Terms and Conditions 

If you have a question about space outside, enter your Email Address, Name, Contact Number and a message below and click SEND