INSIDE Vendors wanting tables must read and agree to the following:

Terms and Conditions for Table Reservations

By submitting a table reservation form you hereby agree to accept the show Terms and Conditions as follows:

  • Display items MUST be Gun & Knife related.  Unrelated items are subject to removal unless prior consent is granted by Show Coordinator.
  • There is absolutely No "Sub-Letting" of tables without permission from Show Coordinator.
  • Table holders are not allowed to buy/sell or trade merchandise anywhere except at their assigned tables.
  • Vendors must not display beyond their table or move tables without consent from Show Coordinator (Fire Marshal regulations).
  • Show Coordinator reserves the right to limit the type or number of displays.
  • Table holders are not allowed to solicit customers near the entrances.
  • No food items are allowed to be displayed, sold or sampled at a vendors table without prior consent from Show Coordinator.
  • No adult content or racial/sexist items allowed.  Show Coordinators reserve the right to ban/remove any items deemed undesirable.
  • All tables must be covered with a covering supplied by the vendor.
  • All Firearms sold, traded, transferred or disposed of by FFL Dealers must undergo background checks as per Federal and State Laws (no exceptions).
  • All weapons MUST be “zip-tied” at all times.  Always make sure weapon is NOT loaded before giving to customer to view.
  • Safety violations are immediate grounds for removal from show without refund or recourse!
  • No Black-Powder allowed to be displayed, sold or traded.  Ammo must be sealed, bagged, or taped off.
  • Parts to convert semi-to-auto are not allowed.
  • Vendors are responsible for all individuals occupying their assigned space and must not block aisles around their tables.
  • Pepper-Spray must be Sealed/packaged to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Holster vendors must utilize plastic/fake guns for display purposes.
  • Vendors must abide by all Federal, State and local laws pertaining to the Sale & Transfer or Firearms as well as all Taxation and Licensing Regulations and Failure to follow said laws, taxation, licensing regulations or display Terms and Conditions may result in closure of display and expulsion from show, without refund or recourse.
  • We cannot guarantee specific table locations due to layout limitations, but will try to accommodate when possible.
  • Customers pay admission and deserve to see all vendors, therefore No Early Packing or Leaving Early!
  • Vendors who have not arrived by 8:00am on show day, and have not called 931-250-1981 are considered a "No-Show".
  • Vendors who "No-Show" must pay for tables or future reservations cannot be accepted.
  • Refunds are not given for inclement weather concerns which result in early show closures (i.e., tornados, flooding, blizzards, acts of God, etc.)
  • Exhibitors also agree to release Show Coordinator from all liability for any theft/damages/losses/injuries or Federal, State, local law violations suffered/incurred while at Gun & Knife Show.
  • No Smoking at any time in any building.


FRIDAY, 8 am – 5 pm (Buildings will be locked down no later than 6pm, so plan appropriately)

SATURDAY, 7 am – 8 am


SATURDAY 9 am – 5 pm
SUNDAY 9 am – 3 pm.

For each reservation you submit you agree to abide by the "Terms and Conditions for Table Reservations" which refers to the above statements.