Vendor Questions

How does a person get space to sell items during the show ?

Use the vendor contact form on the Vendor Information page and request space at the next show. Returning gun and knife vendors are given priority when assigning table space.

Is there someone to help me unload my stuff when setting up for the show ?

Yes,  there are individuals to help you unload for setup and load after the show.

Is the show building Heated & Air Conditioned ?

Yes, the building has heat and Air Conditioning

Is electricity available and is there an additional charge for electricity ?

Yes,  there is electricity available in vendor spaces and there is no extra charge for use of the electricity

Is the building equipped with WI-FI so I can connect to the internet ?

Yes,  Internet connection is supported in the show building

Can I sell other things besides guns and knives at the show ?

No, this is a Gun and Knife show and only guns, collectable knives, and related items are allowed to be displayed and sold at the show.  Rain gutters, hedge trimmers, magazine subscriptions, kitchen knives/sharpeners, tobacco products, yard sale items, pots & pans, food or medicinal products of any kind, Insurance offerings, miracle kitchen knives that cut thru concrete, and etc. are NOT allowed.

Is there wall space to hang banners and items for sale ?

Yes,  there are spaces that have wall access, please list that as a need when you apply for tables.

Can vendors bring dogs to the show ?

While we discourage pets at the show, we do allow them.  Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pet.  Of course, service animals are always permitted.

Are there any table discounts ?

Yes,  there are discounts for multiple tables.  The application for tables explains the different options.